Family Beach Portraits are about your family and the people you love. While you are welcome to dress as you wish you will have much better photographs if the clothing you wear are not distracting from the people in the photos. We want to show faces, not fashions. 

What is with all the Khaki?

Remember Kulats? Leisure Suits? Do you want to be remembered wearing those? Family Beach Photos are timeless and should look as wonderful in 20-years as they look today. You don't want to be the person in the picture that everyone points to and says "Can you believe she wore that!".... Khaki and white are timeless as is Khaki and almost any solid color. President John Kennedy knew that 50 years ago and it still looks great. Don't you want to look your best?

This is why you wear khakis!                                                                                             Courtesy Kennedy Presidential Library

This is why you wear khakis!                                                                                             Courtesy Kennedy Presidential Library

Of course this doesn't mean that you have to look like an Abercrombie & Fitch catalog. You can look good in blue jeans and white shirts or pastel shirts. If you want to try other combinations just make sure you keep everyone's outfit in the same tones. If you chose pastels then make sure everyone is wearing light colors. If you go with navy or a darker color then everyone has to wear darker colors. Stick to all light or all dark otherwise your group will look inconsistent and person wearing light colors will stand out. You don't have to look like you were cloned but it helps if everyone matches. The only hard and fast rule is do not wear plaids, stripes or patterns of any kind as they will distract from your face. 

Other Stuff

  • You will be in barefoot. It is the beach and shoes look out of place. 
  • Keep jewelry to a minimum. Big chunky and bold pieces are out of place on the beach and may be lost if they fall or come off. 
  • Dresses & skirts are welcome but you will be sitting down in the sand so make sure they cover the essentials. 
  • Best to wear clothing that cover. Tan lines and bare shoulders will stand out and will require costly retouching to correct. 
  • It will be windy. The beach has outgoing wind in the day and incoming wind in the evening. Your hair will not stay perfect but hair spray might help but you have to really lay it on. Alternatives are pulling it up, braiding, using an up do or just accepting the natural look of windswept hair! 
  • If you wear sunglasses or Transitions® you will have to take them off. Best to leave them at the house and get use to the bright light and not worry about having a place to put them. 
  • Keep make up natural and avoid sparkly, glittery, shiny or oily products. They will not look good in the light of the beach. Do not apply suntan lotion just before arrival as it will look greasy and stand will stick to your skin. 
  • We do not allow any other photographer at our sessions this includes the use of camera phones, ipads or cameras of any kind. You have have access to the photo session and the pictures will be of much higher quality. 
  • None of our locations have a restroom or easy access to one so make sure everyone takes care of business before hand.