Here are a few answers to the most common questions about our standard beach photography sessions. 


Q. - I have 50 people in my family group. Is the session fee still $250?

A. - The session fee of $250 covers the first 8 people in a family. It is intended for a single family unit. Group of 9-14 people are $300 and groups 15-25 people are $350 and any group 25+ is $400. All people in the photos count including babies, children, friends etc.

Q. - Can I buy the disk of images with rights to print? 

A. - Yes. The disk of high resolution print ready images is $250 and comes with a letter giving you the rights to print at any lab you wish to use. 

Q. - Are all the photos retouched? 

A. - No. Only custom prints are retouched. The images from the session are color corrected and cropped to provide high quality prints. Any retouching is extra. 

Q. - Can you change heads in a photo or change the sky from cloudy to blue?

A. - Yes. We offer this for custom prints or you can pay a $35 retouching fee per photo you would like altered. 

Q. - What happens if it rains or the weather is bad. 

A. - We keep a close eye on the weather and if it is raining or if there is lightning at the time of your session we will work with you to reschedule. 

Q. - What if it is windy? 

A. - It is almost always windy at the beach and your hair will be blown around. It is the beach. If the wind exceeds 12 kts at the time of your session we will reschedule if you wish. 

Q. - If my session is at 7pm and we are running late does the session begin when we arrive? 

A. - No. The session begins at 7pm or your scheduled time. If you are late you lose that portion of your session. We provide up to 45 minutes of photographer which begins at your appointment time. 

Q. - What if my plans change or I have to cancel my session. 

A. - If you notify us in advance you can reschedule if we have available session times or you forfeit your deposit. 

Q. - Can we have our dog in the portrait session? 

A. - Of course! Your dog is part of the family and is always welcome. Please note that you must keep the dog on leash and are responsible for keeping them out of trouble as the beach is a public space. 

Q. - Can I have my daughters senior portraits shot during the session? 

A. - No. This is a family beach group portrait session and not a senior portrait session. The two are different sessions and require different preparations, locations and lighting. We can shoot any individual from the group in one pose time allowing but if you wish to have senior portraits we can schedule a special senior portrait session for you at a very reasonable cost. 

Q. - Can I have my engagement photos done during the beach session? 

A. - No. We can arrange for an engagement session if you wish that last up to two hours and involves multiple locations but a family beach session is a group session on the beach only. 

Q. - Can I have my baby photos shot during the session? 

A. - As with engagement & senior photos we do not come prepared for a proper baby session. We are happy to shoot a pose of just your baby but cannot shoot a baby session without prior arrangement. 

Q. - Can you come to my rental house and shoot the family photos? 

A. - Yes, but there is a $100 fee added for "off beach" locations and we must be notified in advance. 

Q. - Where do we meet for your session? 

A. - If you are on Isle of Palms we meet for sessions on the beach at 42nd Avenue. On Folly Beach we meet at the pier, county park or lighthouse park depending on tides and time of day. On Kiawah Island we will come to your location or meet at The Sanctuary Resort. On Seabrook we meet on the beach at access #2 near the big dune. Unless agreed in advance we do not come to the beach at your rental as we know the best locations and chose accordingly. 

Q. - Can I bring my camera? 

A. - No. We request that you leave your camera and phone behind as we need everyone to focus on the photographer and not be distracted. 

Q. - How many photos will we get?

A. - Every family situation is different and the number of proofed images vary but are usually between 40 and 100+ proofed images. 

Q. - How long after the session before I see the proofed images?

A. - Usually the proofed images are available 72-hours after the session. 

Q. - When are the sessions held? 

A. - This depends on the time of year. In the summer months we offer a morning and and evening session. The evening session is between 6:30 and 7:30 pm. The morning session is around 7:00 am. 

Q. - Which session is better - the morning or evening?

A. - Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The morning session usually has calmer winds and less likelihood of thunderstorms but it will get hot faster. The evening session has better light and is usually cooler but can be windy or threatened by occasional thunderstorms.